Empowerment: The only way forward for a prosperous, fair society?

Press Release

Empowerment has become a buzz-word in Western societies, but there is more to it than this. Breaking Limits believe that unless disabled people are empowered and more than anything, in a position to empower themselves, the many social, economic and other inequalities will remain in place. As a result disabled people will forver remain unable to participate in society and exploit theur full potential like any other citizen.

Disabled people should have equality of opportunity to partake in sports, the arts, education and employment as citizens with equal rights. They should be visible on public boards and in trade unions, as teachers and workers, and advising and educating about disability in a way that only they are capable of doing.

Empowerment comes through active participation by disabled people in policies, practices and any other matters that would have a direct (or an indirect) impact on their lives. Disabled people should also be involved at all stages in the decision-making process, from inception to evaluation.

Active participation is critical because only disabled people can truly demonstrate how society is failing them, and what changes are required. It also promotes greater understanding of disability, which in turn would lead to the breaking down of the existing disabling barriers they face. It also makes better use of human resources, a key component in economic growth, especially in a small island like Malta. Above all, each and every person counts and to achieve better democratization, disabled people must be actively involved on a level playing field.

Breaking Limits is a movement of disabled people who are determined to see this agenda for empowerment taken through to its conclusion of a fully inclusive society for disabled people in Malta.

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