Breaking Limits AGM 2014

Breaking Limits AGM 2014

On 27th June Breaking Limits had their AGM at the Intercontinental Hotel.

At the meeting various members of Breaking Limits gave presentations about some of the activities that we held during the year. Noel Aquilina our CEO spoke about sports events including Move Week 2013, The AbilityFAIR held in St Georges Square Valletta, the M.E.P’s wheelchair basketball event, The Malta Half Marathon, the Martial Arts Class and our Obstacle course for visual impairment that we premiered at the National Sports Conference. All of these events were designed to show that people with disability have many abilities, and showed how mixed ability sport is something that can be enjoyed by all.

Adrian DeBattista spoke about the Cultural Sports and Arts Festival, where wheelchair sports including handball, and tennis were held along with exhibitions of break-dancing by Oliver ‘Jimbo’ Scicluna and Redo Ait Chit from the Netherlands. The Breaking Limits anthem was premiered at a concert at the end of the festival headlined by the No Bling Show.

Solange Abela spoke about the Abilita Fil-Lokalita events that have been developed from the AbilityFAIR and will be hosted by various local councils over the remainder of this year. Activities that concentrate on building awareness will be held at these events, with discussions and wheelchair sports. The first of these will be on July 12th at St Anne’s Square, Sliema.

Cliff Portelli introduced our Accessible and Inaccessible project which is on Facebook where members of the public can request a wristband and send us photos of Accessible and Inaccessible places with the wristband in the photo. (See the Projects page for further details).

Christian Camilleri our General Secretary spoke about the Education project which we are in the process of applying for funding to start at the start of the academic year beginning in 2015. This project will raise awareness of the abilities of people with disability by taking PSD classes in Primary and Secondary schools and also in workplaces, with the aim of slowly beginning to change the attitudes of society in regard to people with disability.

Rhoda Garland our President gave two tokens of appreciation to Oliver Scicluna, our first President and Roderick Mizzi who had been our Secretary, but needed to hand these responsibilities over due to getting a promotion at work. She also launched the new Breaking Limits website, which was designed by Zigpress, showing the numerous pages and accessibility features for changing contrast and font size for people who have visual impairments, which was very well received.

The evening ended with a buffet where the guests were able to talk about the presentations with members of Breaking Limits.

A great evening was had by all.


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