Press Release – Human Diversity Event

Breaking Limits (Malta) is pleased to announce that on Thursday 11th December it has taken part in an activity held by Junior College, which centered on human diversity. For this event, Liliana Maric and Michael Debattista were present on behalf of this NGO. Although the activities have lasted just an hour, our members have conducted some interesting activities.

Our members had adapted a hands-on approach for the event, where they conducted three games. One game involved pairs of participants standing back to back, with one describing the picture given by our members, with the other participant drawing the picture based from the given instructions. Another activity involved three selected participants trying to communicate simple sentences using non-verbal communications to the rest of those who had taken part for this game. The last game involved two participants wearing blindfolds, who had to find their way to designated persons by following sounds.

A short discussion followed after each game. The rationale behind these short discussion is to elucidate reflection, and at the same time creating disability awareness. It is through these short discussions that certain issues faced by persons with disability were raised. Moreover, solutions to disabling barriers were also brought up by participants, based from the experiences gained from the respective games.

Breaking Limits (Malta) would like to thank the organizers of the event for allowing it to take part, and for the logistical arrangements that were necessary in order for our members to conduct their activities with success.

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