Seminar – Gaining Abilities

On the 15th of November 2014 Breaking Limits organised a morning seminar aimed at parents of persons with disability. The seminar titled Gaining Abilities focused on the harm that over-protectiveness can cause persons with disability. The seminar was held at Le Meridien Hotel St Julians.

The first part of the seminar consisted of several guest speakers that discussed different aspects concerning the lives of persons with disability:

  • Pamela Muscat a parent of a young person with disability shared her experience on how empowering her daughter to be independent has proven to have endless positive outcomes.
  • Christian Camilleri a young person with disability who is also a Breaking Limits member and a PSD teacher by profession shared his struggles to fight over-protectiveness.
  • Liliana Maric a lecturer and Breaking Limits member delivered a presentation on inclusion in post-secondary institutions.
  • Amy Camilleri Zahra shared her experience as having an acquired disability and how autonomy has helped her to live a more fulfilling life.
  • Mr Tonio Axisa and Ms Maronia Avellino from ETC explained the process and schemes available for persons with disability wishing to seek employment.
  • Clare Cassar Micelle spoke about the program Stepping Out.

The second part of the seminar consisted of a workshop in the form of a discussion. Main issues discussed were inclusion in schools and social inclusion specifically in extra curricular activities.

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