In December 2011, Jon Mallia and Oliver Scicluna − also known as Jimbo, came up with the idea of running break dance classes for children and young people with different abilities. Through the funding of the Malta Arts Fund they started working on 16 break dance sessions, which were held at the Inspire Foundation.

This project inspired them to form an NGO that would focus on promoting Inclusion through Hip Hop and Arts. But this aspiration went further when Jimbo met Noel Aquilina, who added the concept of Sports to this budding NGO. Today Breaking Limits consists of 10 committee members who all have a diversity of abilities.

Breaking Limits has already been involved in providing Motivational Speaking sessions, where people who have a diversity of abilities share their positivity towards life and disclose how they generate such an attitude through sports, arts and dance. These Motivational Speeches focus on encouraging the audience to turn negative situations into positive ones, apart from focusing on the positive aspect found in each and every individual.

The NGO now aims at organizing sports and arts events that will target the active participation of children and young people with a variety of abilities. As an NGO, Breaking Limits strongly believes that dance, music and sports will give children and young people, with and without any form of disability, the opportunity to experience freedom and the platform to show their capabilities. Apart from organizing events, Breaking Limits will also be involved in motivating and supporting kids and youths in their physical training. So far, Breaking Limits have raised the funds to host five-year-old Daniel Fajardo Somarribas from Costa Rica and his family, who is a wheelchair-racing athlete. Daniel was invited to Malta to race in the first ever 200m-track wheelchair race for children, which was organised by a committee member of Breaking Limits, Fabio Spiteri. Since then Mr. Spiteri has kept up his fund-raising efforts with the idea of buying a number of carbon fibre wheelchairs ideal for 5km, 10km and 21km wheelchair road races.

Furthermore, Breaking Limits is neither charity based nor charity driven. Its fund-raising is rather motivation and ability focused. Unlike conventional NGOs, Breaking Limits firmly believes in the equal distribution of power between all members, with and without a disability. Its vision is to see outside the box and do what others haven’t done.

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