Breaking Limits Advocacy Committee was set up during the run up to the General Election, in an attempt to engage with politicians of all parties to ensure that the voice of disabled people would be heard during the electoral campaign. In keeping with the vision of Breaking Limits the Advocacy Group aims to ensure that disabled people are empowered to speak, be consulted with and make decisions about issues that affect their lives.

The Advocacy group has raised many issues in the media, hi-lighting accessibility, education, employment and inclusion. We hosted a seminar towards the end of the electoral campaign in conjunction with Malta University, in which representatives of the three political parties were asked questions by disabled people about areas that concerned them, in front of an audience and the press. Members of Breaking Limits were often interviewed in the press, on television and on the radio to express their opinions about the issues facing disabled people and potential solutions.

Meeting with Joseph Muscat

Television Advocacy

During the past few months different Breaking Limits members have been invited on several TV programs as guest speakers on a variety of subjects related to disability. Programs included TVPM on TVM, Malta Llejla on NET TV, Indigo and Sejjahtli mill-Pjazza on ONE TV. This method of advocacy continues to reach out to the general public and encourage social and political change.

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