We as Breaking Limits believe that Sport is a fundamental resource that definitely helps a person identify and strengthen his character, and enforce both physically and moreover psychologically.
This is why Breaking limits has added the aspect of sport into its annual calendar.

As in regards to sports breaking limits has already been working. Last year has seen Breaking Limits kicking off with its first sport event, this being a 200 metre wheelchair race for kids. The idea of wheelchair racing, came into mind when a member of Breaking Limits committee, Fabio Spiteri, has been inspired from a 5 year old Costa Rican Lad when he got to see features of this youngster taking up seriously and in a very motivated and determined way wheelchair racing.

Breaking Limits currently hold events which include basketball, handball, seated volleyball, all of which are well-attended by people with disability in Malta.

If you are interested in taking part in these sporting events, please contact Noel Aquilina.


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