Breaking Limits in Education

Breaking Limits in Education

In order to pursue our belief in improving disability awareness through education, Breaking Limits are applying for EU funds to create an educational programme which will target primary and secondary schools and also employers and public sector organisations in Malta.

Through such a programme Breaking Limits will be one of the first if not the first to use different approaches of learning with which all students will be able to learn equally through their preferred learning approach and the one they find most effective. This will help sign a new era in the Maltese educational history and it would raise the quality of our education to higher standards than the one it finds itself in today. We know that in the long run if such an approach is adopted by other teachers in other subjects both teachers and disabled and non-disabled students will benefit.

We believe that the educational programme we are proposing will help lessen discriminatory practices in our society also because thanks to this educational program we aim to help present and future generations to understand that disabled people are part and parcel of our society and as aresult they should be given the same opportunity to participate as non-disabled people. We are certain that this will help non-disabled people to understand the importance of putting certain resources at the disposal of disabled people and this will help disabled peopleto get more involved and give their contribution in society. We want disabled people to take centre stage just like all non-disabled people, we demand that disabled people no longer live on the periphery of society and this is the only way to achieve this goal also by teaching both disabled and non-disabled peopleto look beyond disability.

In the long run all of this will be of benefit to the whole country because we would be making better use of human resources especially in the world of work and this is very important for a country like Malta which is very dependent on human resources.

What we need for the disability sector to take a step in the right direction is a government which has the foresight and is progressive enough to understand the importance of collaborating with us in order to implement such a program.

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