Clifford’s Story

Clifford’s Story

In 1994 at age 16 Clifford Portelli had a diving accident which due to have today a Spinal Injury and uses a wheelchair. After 8 months in Maltese Hospital, he spent 8 months rehabilitation at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in the UK.

When he came back to Malta he noticed how far back we were in the rights and awareness for persons having a disability and decided to move and go live in England.

While in UK he noticed that moving there wasn’t the way to escape from a hostile system so he decided to move back to Malta and fight his way through that same system into society.

After 3 years in hospital he moved out of hospital and has fought towards betters dignity and rights of persons with disability ever since.

He was an instrument among many others that fought for equality through the past 20 years.

If we want to promote inclusion within our society than we must keep pushing towards ‘Individual Independence’.

Clifford now runs the Facebook page “Spinal Cord Injury Malta“.

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